Nuray Gokalp is Global, Technology, Community, and Innovation!

Nuray has a passion for innovation, technology, culture, and many more topics. She finished her Master of Science (MSc) degree in Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Nuray’s thesis “Multimodal, Affective, and Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction” combined her passion for technology and innovation.

Her passion for technology and culture brought her to Japan, where she studied Japanese language and culture at Keio University in Tokyo. As a student, Nuray was part of the Extreme Blue internship at IBM, where she expressed her passion for technology and innovation. As a young professional, she worked as a Management Trainee at Air France KLM, where she was responsible for several innovative projects, the first one creating an Agile development track using Scrum.

As a next step in her career, Nuray has worked in several roles (project manager, portfolio manager, information manager, advisor) for several innovative, local and European projects (open innovation, open data, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding) as part of the City of Amsterdam in “quadruple helix” partnerships with public, private, academia, and citizens.

She has combined all of these experiences in AmsterdamTech.City and GlobalTech.City, focusing on tech trends such as Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Big & Open Data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Nuray organises and moderates monthly tech events every first Monday of the month in Amsterdam and other cities around the world. This is a platform where government, academia, corporates, startups, scale ups, students, and citizens connect together presenting problems and solutions. We are all connected!


HEr Mission

Nuray Gokalp's mission is to solve societal challenges with trending tech solutions globally!

Read the full story in her blog post "GovTech is my Mission" and "FemTech in my DNA".

I have been working on and off with Nuray for the last four years in different roles. In all (collaborative) projects I considered Nuray’s role, way of working and her personality a great added value to the team. She combines creativity, agility, curiosity and the ability to structure things very rapidly. And she has a serious set of social skills otherwise she couldn’t have worked with me ;-) [2014]
— Ger Baron, Chief Technology Officer at City of Amsterdam
Nuray is a very ambitious professional who helps leadership, management and colleagues to envision and implement innovation. She has a unique skillset, experience, expertise and network around IT, innovation and organizational development. She has an intuition for how innovation processes actually work and has the capabilities to evoke change. I experienced Nuray in her excellent work for the Open Innovation Festival in Amsterdam, her job at the IT department and the initiative EU4Commons. She worked as a loyal, independent, high performing young professional. [2012]
— Henk de Jong, Deputy Commissioner Strategy Director at Police Netherlands
I worked with Nuray for the formulation of a Technology innovation group in KLM-IS. Nuray is one of the most dynamic professionals I have ever met. The drive and professionalism she irradiates is contagious and made it very stimulating to work with her. [2009]
— Jorge Andres Osorio Socha, Digital Development Manager at Air France-KLM

What SHE Achieved

  • Grew internal project into 80+ city wide movement.
  • Recognised strong stylish and engaging international speaker about Smart Cities, GovTech, FemTech, and Innovation.
  • Extremely quick MVP's and building out ideas.
  • Awarded nr 26 in top 100 international brands and influencers for GovTech.
  • Robust social media influencer.
  • Able to lead dynamic dispersed teams of experts globally.